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A little bit about Rogue Wildlife and Animal Control

From humanely removing nuisance wildlife to sealing up entry points around your home, our family-owned and operated team at Rogue Wildlife and Animal Control dedicate our efforts to being your reliable partner for all your rogue wildlife needs. Whether you have a bat infestation or squirrels invading your garage, let our trusted team help you reclaim your space. Proudly serving the homes and businesses in Port St. Lucie, FL, and surrounding areas, let our team put our expertise to the test and call (772) 342-0262 for more information!

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Our History

Beginning our business in 2018 to help better serve our community, owner and founder Alex Perpetuo wanted to take the skills and experiences he learned from previous wildlife control opportunities to create a complete one-stop-shop for all things animal control. With our years of experience in dealing with wildlife to safely handle every animal humanely, we strive to provide the legacy of a trusted and quality business for our community to turn to.

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Here at Rogue Wildlife and Animal Control, our family-owned and operated team holds safety as our #1 priority. Whether it is a rat, raccoon, or armadillo, we guarantee to remove wildlife humanely and safely to ensure no animal is harmed. With our commitment to our clients and the animals, we do not leave until the animal is safely removed from your property. From providing your family with a trustworthy animal removal to sealing up any entry points to prevent future issues, we strive to be your only call to keep your family and business safe and sound.